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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the mortgage application process?
Application process can take less than 10 minutes!

What Florida mortgage loan options are offered?
We offer Florida mortgages for a number of different situations. For new Florida home buyers, we can generate FHA, conventional and jumbo loans. At the same time, current homeowners can benefit from equity loans and refinancing.

How fast can I get a rate quote?
Less than 10 minutes! Give us a call today or begin your online application to get in touch with a licensed mortgage professional.

Will I speak to anyone if I apply online?

Yes, we will follow-up by phone and email as we may have questions in order to finalize an application

Are there fees for pre-approval and how long does it take?
No cost for pre-approval and we get qualified buyers pre-approved in less than two hours.

What credit score do I need to be approved?

There are a variety of lenders for different loan situations. However, a good guideline is a minimum of 600. The larger the better in terms of rate and costs

Do you charge a fee for a credit inquiry?
No cost to pull credit.

What kind of homes can I get a mortgage for?

Most people use home loan to buy or refinance:

  • Single-family home
  • Vacation home or investment property
  • Condominium or apartment

What if I am buying a house outside of Florida, can Fidelity help with that?

At this time, Fidelity is only doing Florida home loans. We will update our website when expand to other states.

Frequently asked questions - Florida home buyer

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