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At Fidelity, we know your home is more than just a place to live, that’s why we’re dedicated to delivering the best Florida home loan experience from start to finish. In fact, homeownership is the largest investment most Americans will make throughout their entire lives. We'll find you the right mortgage situation that is affordable and aligned with your financial goals. 

"Skinny" Closing Costs with Fidelity

The average closing cost in the state of Florida is about 2% of a mortgage loan amount. If you're paying this percentage or more, then you're paying too much. Instead, get a "skinny" closing cost mortgage at Fidelity.  Most customers save you up to 50% off with the same great rates and terms. Call us today at 833-611-5626 and tell our loan officers that you want a "skinny" closing cost mortgage. Besides, they love it when you call them skinny!

Florida Mortgage Experience You Can Count on!

As Florida mortgage specialists, we will be alongside you every step of the way. It’s about you and your family, having a payment that fits your budget, outstanding service, and a mortgage lender you can count on long after closing. Whether you are buying your very first home or building your dream vacation home. Fidelity has your back. We’ll make your Florida home loan experience so good that you’ll want to refer all your friends and family. We will find you the lowest rates without any hidden costs so your slice of paradise is affordable!

How to Get a Florida Home Loan

Here’s a checklist of guidelines for making sure your search for a Florida home loan is smooth:

  • Demonstrate your ability to repay loan (current W-2’s, two years of tax returns and all financial statements of assets)
  • Check, monitor and improve credit rating.
  • Don’t make any unnecessary large purchases.
  • Have a savings account as safety net cushion.
  • Don’t apply to more than three mortgage lenders.
  • Preserve stable employment.
  • Reveal all financial information (good and bad) to lender.

How to Choose a Mortgage Lender in Florida

Finding the best mortgage loan is about more than just obtaining the lowest interest rate for a 30-year fixed rate loan. It’s also critical to ensure you are comfortable with the loan provider that’s initiating and servicing the loan. Although many aspects of the Florida mortgage process are consistent across all lenders, there are some differences that can alter the fees you are charged and the service you receive that are worth taking time to consider. Typically, you want to work with Florida home loan provider that handles one client at a time. Loans can be procured just about anywhere, but professional service and follow-through on important details cannot. You want to work with a licensed broker who knows your name, promptly returns calls and is highly organized. In fact, a great mortgage broker can optimize your whole home buying experience.

We Specialize in First-Time Florida Home Buyers

We absolutely love first-time home buyers! Whether you are a veteran and want to take advantage of a VA mortgage loan or a couple just starting out, you came to the right place. We’ll help you navigate FHA (and other government insured products) along with conventional loans alike. We want you to be comfortable with the Florida mortgage process. We will source every loan option for you to make your entire cost as cost-effective as possible. Besides, hidden fees are for the birds!

When you submit your Florida mortgage application, we’ll turn it around in less than two-hours or contact you quickly if we are missing anything. There is a lot to learn and consider when buying a home (and financing it) for the very first time. Fidelity has got you covered and will seamlessly guide you through the Florida home loan process so the only “to-do” item is to schedule your closing.

Florida Home Loan & Mortgage Experts

The Florida home loan experts at Fidelity are here for you. We have a wide range of mortgage services and products to meet your home lending needs. Are you a first-time homeowner or looking for a vacation home? You may need a standard 30-year fixed-rate mortgage loan, or you may need a jumbo mortgage. Either way, Fidelity Home Loans has a mortgage product for you. In fact, our knowledgeable mortgage professionals will steer you through the mortgage application process or help you uncover a lower refinancing rate for your existing Florida home. They’ll help make you feel right at home while helping you explore your financing options and come up with right solution for you and your family. Our product offerings include:

We’d love to talk about what you need.

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